Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It's Cold Outside

   I woke up for work this morning and the world outside was covered in an icy frost. I was planning on wearing my green work shirt and my new black and white skirt I purchased over the weekend. Since it was so cold out, I put on a pair of black leggings underneath my skirt.
   I personally enjoy wearing skirts. My manager wears nothing but skirts to work. I am not positive if she wears them for religious reasons, but I am inclined to say she doesn't. Our floor manager is Mennonite, and she wears a head covering and skirts. Another one of my coworkers is wears a head covering as well.
   Earlier this week, one of my coworkers was asked if she was Amish. This woman was wearing jeans, a V-neck shirt, makeup and her hair down. If you're familiar with the Amish, you know it's very easy to tell when someone is Amish and when they are not. I am continually surprised at people's ignorance.
   Today, a bitter woman came in and asked, "What's with all the skirts?" (Two of my coworkers who were both wearing skirts we standing nearby, working on an order.) I casually started a conversation (a monologue, really) about my skirt, saying about how I got it and such. She made another derogatory comment and left.
   I could never imagine saying such things to a cashier! Criticizing attire that we're currently wearing. Get a life! You know what I want to start? A company like Yelp, but a customer review site. We write a review on you. Our experience of how you acted. How you behaved, how you treated the staff, even what you bought. Of course I know that's a terrible idea, but it would feel nice.
   Even though some customers are stress inducing, some customers are also really nice and try and make your job easier. It's an interesting balance. Another interesting fact: I broke my personal buggy record today! I hit 9. The even cooler thing is, I completed it before lunch time! So that was a highlight of my day.

Friday, October 21, 2016

You Can't Expect the Unexpected

   We've all heard the old saying, 'expect the unexpected', and we all act like it makes sense. Like that's logical or even sane advice. You can't expect the unexpected, it's called the UNEXPECTED for a reason! (Understand that I do comprehend the gist of the saying, but for this posts' sake, let's continue.)
   You can't expect what you don't know is going to happen. That's why we make mistakes. That's why we make wrong choices. That's why we order mayo on chicken salad sandwiches. We also can't expect what strangers are going to do when we meet them. Such as this evening.
   We had our homeschool group meeting today, and when we finished, we went to my brother's friend's house so my brother could see something they'd built or whatever. After we left, mom said we could go get pizza. My brother asked me if I would get him a blue slushy when I went in to get the pizza. I said sure, because I was in a charitable mood. So I went in, got the pizza and then went to get his slushy. I accidently over filled the cup and I had to sip some of that blue-flavored nastiness! I was appalled.
   I shoved a lid onto the mess and brought it to the register. Two guys were at separate registers, but the one guy looked busy with something, so I got in line behind the people who were checking out. Once the guy noticed me, (he was in his early twenties, I assume), he said, "I'll take you over here", which is the most cashier-ish thing to say ever. (Trust me, I'm a cashier. You never feel more professional than when you say it.)
   I walked over and I set the slushy on the counter. The guy asked, "Is this everything?" (Also a very cashier-ish thing the say.) I confirmed it was everything, and he said, "You're good." with a smile. I said, "I can pay for it." and started to reach for my purse, when he said again, "You're good." and winked at me! I said thanks and grabbed it off the counter.
   I walked out of the store and gave my brother his slushy. I told my mom and brother about how I got the slushy for free. My brother was convinced I stole it and my mother lost her crap. :) So that was an very unexpected gesture. And I kind of made my nice gesture to my brother less nice since I didn't pay for his slushy.
   My point is, you can't expect the unexpected. You can expected for unexpected thing to happened, but you can't plan precisely what to do or how to react.