Tuesday, December 1, 2015

7 Things I've Been Loving This Week!

1: Thanksgiving. All the family, food and togetherness was fun.

2: My new TobyMac CD. My favorites are Lights Shine Bright and This is What Love Feels Like.

3: A week off school. I like holiday breaks, but typically we don't get this long off.

4: We helped my grandmother clean out my great grandmother's house. The cleaning itself wasn't fun, but I left with 3 dollars, 6 shirts, 4 rings, a snowflake pin, an umbrella and a meat cleaver.

5: The library. One of the best inventions ever made.

6: CoCo Wheats, one of my very favorite breakfast foods.

7: Joan of Arc. If I had to chose a role model, it would have to be Joan. Her courage and faith is inspiring.