Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Best Things in Life are Free

   "The best things in life are free."
   It's been said a million times. Probably everyone has either said it, heard it or read it. It's not really an uncommon phrase. Is it true though? I guess it's a personal thing, depending on what you think are the best things in life. I think some of the best things in life are...
  • cats
  • blueberry bagels with cream cheese and strawberry jelly
  • Kit-Kat bars
  • books
  • astronomy
  • makeup
  • love
  • hair bands (like the thing that holds your hair up)
  • hair bands (like that rock music from the 80's)
  • music in general
  • popcorn
  • comfy, oversized shirts
  • essential oils
  • macaroni and cheese
  • fans
  • grass
  • coffee
  • movies
  • journals
  • sarcasm
  • The Holy Trinity (Note: I couldn't decide what to write for this, cause I didn't want to just write God, cause different people see God as different things, and I wanted to include Jesus, cause of the whole salvation thing, but God and Jesus are like the same thing, so I went with The Trinity, cause religion is complicated. Thank you for your patience.)
  • lip balm
  • Reader's Digest
  • technology
  • credit cards with the chip in them (Note: Not really. The chip cards suck and everyone hates them for good reason, but I figured they needed some love.)
   So as I wrote this list, I discovered that most of my favorite things actually aren't free. Does this mean that I'm materialistic and the best things in life for other people are actually free? Possibly.
   Pretty much everything costs something. In the bathroom at work, there's a little note card tucked in the mirror. I don't remember exactly what it says, but it's a little prayer. In the middle of the prayer, it says something like, "May what I do with today be important, for I am exchanging a day of my life for it."
   I think that's an interesting thought to keep in mind. Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

  This Easter was an eventful one, to say the least. I didn't have work on Good Friday, nor did we have homeschool group. We went shopping in the morning to pick up a few groceries. After returning home and putting away the groceries, my brother and I went outside and played a little basketball. That evening, we went to a restaurant for my aunt's birthday.
   We had never been to this restaurant before, and I don't believe we will be visiting again. For how expensive the food was, you would've thought it would have been delicious. I thought mine was okay, and so did my brother, while mom found her food practically inedible.
   We headed out as soon as we got the check. I had work in the morning and it was getting late. On Saturday, we had Easter dinner at my dad's parents. I had work until 4:30 and got home about 10 minutes until we had to leave for dinner. I got changed, brushed my hair, put on some eyeliner and was out the door.
   We were supposed to eat at 5, but half the family didn't show up until 5:30. We ate soon after that. Sometime after dinner, we had an Easter egg hunt. I hunted for Easter eggs along with my brother and a couple of our younger cousins. It was fun.
   After the egg hunt, my aunt, her boyfriend, my brother and I played whiffle ball and volleyball for a while. Another cousin of ours joined us for a little of whiffle ball, and that was that. After the outside games were done, I mostly sat at the kitchen table by myself eating macaroni and cheese out of a plastic cup. It wasn't the most fun I've ever had.
   This morning, I woke up early enough to watch a little TV, then we headed to church. I had childcare, so that means I got to sit in a miniature chair for an hour and a half, watching toddlers waddle about in their Sunday best. It wasn't all bad; I got hold of the bag of pretzels and handed them out to the children, breaking them into small pieces for those who were unable to chew super well.
   Right after church, we went to my grandma's (on my mom's side of the family this time), and had an Easter lunch. It was enjoyable. We played a board game called Sale of the Century, a game based off a game show from when my mom was a kid. It's pretty fun.
   After we left my grandma's, we went home for a little bit, then my brother and I went to gym night. Gym night is a thing our church does at our local high school's gym. After returning home from that, we had pancakes. All in all, I had a good Easter weekend. Busy, but enjoyable. :)